Tanning Lotions

Sunrayz Tan offers a full line of tanning lotions and tan extenders to help you achieve and maintain the tan you desire! We are a premier salon proudly selling Australian Gold, Designer Skin, Swedish Beauty, Hempz and more. Whether your preference in lotion is an intensifier, bronzer, or tingle we offer a large selection to choose from at competitive prices.

Why use a Tanning Lotion?

Skin-conditioning tanning lotions help you achieve maximum results from your tanning sessions. Healthy, hydrated skin is the foundation for a successful tan. Unconditioned skin reflects the UV rays of the tanning bed thus decreasing your tanning potential. It can take up to 7 minutes for the UV rays to get thru dry skin to start the tanning process, with a lotion only 20 to 30 seconds! Using a tanning lotion and tan extender before and after your session is key to achieving and maintaining a long lasting tan.

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Intensifiers are tanning lotions to be applied immediately prior to tanning in order to moisturize your skin and accelerate the tanning process. These lotions help you tan quicker and maintain your tan longer.


Bronzers are lotions used to achieve a dark tan quickly. They work similar to self tanning lotions containing agents which are activated by the heat of the tanning bed. When using bronzers allow the lotion to stay on your skin for 2 to 4 hours in order to reach maximum results. Bronzers also moisturize your skin and prolong your tan.


Tingles are lotions which increase the blood flow in your skin, increasing oxygen flow, which enables you to tan quicker. Some people will feel a tingling sensation and skin may appear red immediatley after tanning. This is normal and will go away in a short time.

Body Blushes

This is a lotion that helps you achieve a dark tan as a tingle, but without the tingle sensation. You may notice a slight reddening of your skin.

Tan Extenders

Daily use of a tan extender will aid in the quality of your tan as well as help to prolong it. These moisturizing lotions applied after tanning are designed to hydrate and condition your skin to keep it healthy and silky smooth.

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